Great feedback from around the globe

Five students were approached today in class for feedback on their experience here at OLC and we were delighted by their responses, which we will share with you below:

“Since I arrived here my English has improved a lot. The teachers are really friendly and helpful and they make you feel confident and comfortable.”  Franco Gastelum (Mexico)

“The best thing is we have small classes which gives you the opportunity to have personal attention. You meet people from all over the world here and learn cultural differences. Oxford is a wonderful place to study and your English will improve much quicker than learning in your own country. I chose Oxford because it is the best place to learn and I’m really happy at OLC.”  Enkeleda Mata (Albania)

“This school is very helpful due to the classes which are interesting and fun. Teachers are very motivated and enthusiastic and always well prepared. The school creates a good learning atmosphere for students and the staff are very kind and patient. It is a brilliant school. I would like to recommend to other people.”
Jarek Zielinski (Poland)

“The school is very convenient for the city centre – approximately 15 minutes by bus. The teachers are very competent and friendly. I would like to recommend this school to you!”  Pablo Ancantara (Philippines)

“In my view, Oxford Language Centre is a great school where you can learn in a friendly atmosphere. Our teachers help me to develop my skills as a writer, and they helped me in my work. I have made friends from different countries and cultures, and this is very enriching too. If I had the opportunity in the future, I would love to come back to Oxford again for a longer time period.”  Paulina Fuentes Padilla (Chile)