Learning English at OLC

We want you to make maximum progress in your English during your course. In your classes you will do a combination of intensive grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation work, as well as practical activities with an emphasis on using the language effectively, focusing on real life language for work, study and social life.

Levels of English offered

Our courses are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  This is the internationally recognised framework which describes language ability at a range of levels, from A1 (Elementary) to C2 (Proficiency).

Students at below A1 level (i.e. total beginners in English) will need to take some one-to-one tuition to bring them to A1 level.

Class sizes

A particular strength of Oxford Language Centre is the small class sizes – usually between 4 and 10 students.  Occasionally (particularly during Summer School) classes are larger, although the maximum number of students in any class is 15.

Course books/materials

OLC students must use official text books rather than photocopied pages in class.

Long-term year round students (whose course duration exceeds four weeks) will be provided with a personal course book within a few days of joining OLC. The price of the first course book is included in the full registration fee. As students change levels, they will be required to buy new course books.

Short-term students (whose course duration is up to four weeks) and Summer School students will not be provided with personal course books automatically. They can choose either to buy their own books or to borrow college ones having paid a deposit of £25 (which will be refunded to them provided the books are returned in good condition and unannotated).

Those long-term students who join the course up to three weeks prior to the end of term will either be given a personal coursebook in order to continue at the same level the following term, or they will finish the term with a borrowed college book, to be given a personal one later if they are likely to begin the new term at a new level. The teachers should also encourage their students to buy and use workbooks with answer keys as additional self-access material to practise and consolidate course book material.

The College supplies all new students with a plastic wallet to store all learning materials.

Minimum age

The minimum age for students on year-round English courses is normally 16 years for individuals and 12 years if coming as part of a closed group. The minimum age for Summer School is 12 years.

Maximum age

There is no maximum age for students on year-round English courses. However, for Summer School, the maximum age is 25 years.