Oxford Language Centre has an extensive range of policies to ensure the quality of education and pastoral care at the college, and the quality of treatment of students, parents, agents, staff and the general public. The Health and Safety of all members of the college community is of paramount concern. The college’s Health and Safety Officer is diligent in ensuring that the college Health and Safety Policy is fully implemented.

Many members of the college community are under the age of 18 and are therefore subject to the provisions of the Children Act of 2004. The college has a pro-active Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy to ensure that their interests are protected, overseen by the Student Services Officer who is also the Child Protection Officer.

Oxford Language Centre is committed to ensuring that all members of the college community are treated with respect regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality, skin colour or sexual orientation. The college’s Anti-Bullying Policy (compliant with Preventing and Tackling Bullying, Dec 2011, and The Equality Act, 2010) enshrines these principles.

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