Intensive General English

The Intensive General English course consists of 25 hours of tuition per week and will allow you to make the maximum progress in the shortest time possible.

In the mornings you will join the General English classes.

In the afternoons you will join an afternoon Focus Group on your chosen area of development:

Option 1 – Fluency and Discussion (A component of Intensive English)

This focus module is for Intermediate to Proficiency (B2-C2) students who wish to reinforce and practise their speaking and listening skills with elements of discussion, presentation and debate. The module includes strong elements of critical thinking.

Option 2 – Everyday English (A component of Intensive English)

This is a practical communication module for Elementary (A1) and Pre-Intermediate (A2) students who wish to become fluent in conversational formulas of politeness and social interaction in daily situations. Topics include: Making Friends; At the Restaurant; Shopping; Travelling; At a Party; A Place to Live; Weather; Hobbies; Work and Study; Songs and Games; etc.

All students receive a certificate at the end of their course.

Maximum class size: 15

“My name is He Lang. I am from Tianzin, a city in southwest China. I have been studying English at Abacus College’s Oxford Language Centre for 8 months now. The teachers at OLC are very friendly and helpful. They help me a lot with my homework, my studies and with my life in general. My English has improved so much since coming here.

I love studying here in Oxford. It’s a beautiful city with so much history. It’s also a very safe city. I love the fact that it’s so international – I have met students from all over the world here.

When I finish my course at OLC, I plan to go to university in London to study Business Management.”

He Lang (China)