IELTS Exam Preparation

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IELTS is a very popular external test required by universities and employers, and we have a long successful history of preparing students for this exam.

Our full-time IELTS Preparation course takes place every week and consists of General English in the mornings and IELTS specific classes in the afternoons run at two separate levels:

Pre-IELTS* (for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels – A2 and B1), target band scores from 4.0; and

Academic and General IELTS (for Upper-Intermediate, Advanced & Proficiency levels – B2, C1 and C2), target band scores 6.5 and higher.

The complete term course includes studying and practising the test formats of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing across 12 topic areas (TA). In each TA, our students learn specific vocabulary and other language resources as well as communication skills which they can apply to test-simulating tasks. There are regular mock tests which familiarise the students with test conditions and time keeping.  Under continuous enrolment, students can join in the course at any time. Under the teacher’s supervision, they can focus on their individual challenges and fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

To achieve the highest score in the shortest amount of time, a full-time IELTS Exam Preparation course is recommended, in total, 25 hours/week

Alternatively, a short, targeted afternoon course is available – 10 hours/week (Note: This option is suitable for non-visa dependent students only)

All students receive a certificate at the end of their course.

Maximum class size: 15

*Students enrolled on the Pre-IELTS course will automatically progress on to the Academic and General IELTS course.

Please note that OLC is not an IELTS Testing Centre. If you would like to take an IELTS exam at the end of your course, we can assist you with booking a place at a Testing Centre. The IELTS fee for 2017 is approximately £160.