General English

Year round, we run morning groups of General English courses consisting of 15 hours of tuition per week and separated into several levels (A1-C2).

The timetable provides for two morning sessions:

9.00-10.30 – Focus on expanding grammar and vocabulary, as well as improving accuracy.

11.00-12.30 – Focus on communication skills: fluency, comprehension and language practice.

During the lessons, students get a wide variety of tasks and forms of interaction – individual work; group discussions and projects; small group or pair work; competitions; creative tasks; role play; study outings to various places and institutions in and around Oxford. All work is monitored and assessed by the teachers who then give feedback to the students.

General English lessons are based on approved course books. For students enrolled on courses of 4+ weeks, the price of the first course book is included in the full registration fee, however, students are expected to purchase all other course books thereafter.

There is continuous enrolment at OLC with students having the flexibility of starting on any Monday.

The exact length of the course is determined by students’ needs.

Our learners discuss their progress with the teachers at weekly tutorials where they look at the challenges and set new objectives.

Student groups are usually small – typically, 4-10 students in each, which allows the teachers to give extensive individual attention to every student.

All students receive a certificate at the end of their course.

Maximum class size: 15

“My name is Pablo. I’m from the Philippines and I’m currently studying General English in Oxford Language Centre. The school is very convenient for the city centre – approximately 15 minutes by bus. The teachers are very competent and friendly. I would like to recommend this school to you!”

Pablo Ancantara (Philippines)